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Michelle graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, and received a law degree in Michigan, with an emphasis in Litigation. Soon she was a licensed attorney and practiced law for several years prior to entering the real estate market through her personal experience with real estate developments and

investment property transactions.

She cultivated a strong passion for real estate, especially in luxury homes, since it fits in line with her love for fashion and interior design.

‎Although Michelle is a Southern California woman at heart, she has lived on 3 different continents and fluent in 3 languages, which includes Dutch, Vietnamese, and English. Michelle represents her clients with exceptional
professionalism and knowledge, reinforced with a strong legal background, and care for her clients’ best interest and passion for luxury homes and real estate developments, opportunities, and investments.

She currently resides in Beverly Hills and enjoys rescuing stray animals and contributing to philanthropic causes. She is a supporter of The Red Cross and UNICEF.

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